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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Reach South Trust Vision

We are a ReachSouth Academy.

Reach South is a regional trust serving the South West of England with the objective of operating schools that deliver exceptional learning opportunities for children and young people of all school ages.

Our Trust includes primary, secondary and special schools in the South West and we are working to extend opportunities for children in all types of school in the region. Reach South Academy Trust exists to provide schools that serve their local community, offering parents and carers access to the highest quality of local mainstream and special schools for their children.

Reach South currently has 13 schools serving over 4500 children and young people.

We are currently mainly based in Plymouth, Bournemouth and Wiltshire and are seeking to extend provision in all three areas promoting our core values:

  • ​Inclusivity. Reach South is for all children. We recognise that some children will face greater barriers to their learning and development than others. We are committed to helping all children, particularly the most vulnerable, to overcome these so that they can grow and thrive to be well rounded, healthy, educated citizens.
  • Promoting social mobility. This is a fundamental driver for Reach South. Although we recognise that each school’s context and history inform our approach, this is never an excuse for accepting mediocrity or poor performance. To do this, we insist on: high standards of
    • educational achievement;
    • social skills and interpersonal skills;
    • communication skills;
    • critical thinking, problem solving and creativity;
    • understanding of society, economy, environment and an appreciation of contribution and participation.
  • Serving our local communities. Children’s education cannot be isolated from their social context and, in particular, their family and peer environment. To raise a child’s aspirations beyond their expectations, we must also raise the aspiration of their families and the wider community.
  • Believing in the potential of our young people. Aspiration is a precursor to self-improvement; it is not sufficient in itself, but limited aspiration will limit achievement. It is our duty to believe in the potential of all of our children and to make that belief infectious.
  • Preparing tomorrow’s adults to contribute to social, economic, environmental and cultural sustainable development. We educate children to improve their own life chances and opportunities, but we also educate them as trusted members of a community and a global society.

Reach South Academy Trust is ambitious about children with SEND. We strive to support all children to enable them to achieve; both at school, and in making successful transitions. In Reach South we strive to raise the aspirations and expectations for all our children with SEND, enabling them to succeed. Additionally, Reach South is committed to school to school support and building capacity and expertise within mainstream provision to ease pressures on high needs block spend, thereby meeting a prioritised need for Wiltshire. (see ‘Managing financial pressures’ above)

We believe in providing every possible opportunity to develop the full potential of all children. All children have the right to a broad and balanced education, relevant to their needs (and EHCP) including extra-curricular activities, with full access to the National Curriculum as appropriate. All children are valued, and their self-esteem promoted. We work in close partnership with parents/carers and all those agencies who play an active and valued role in the child’s education.

Reach South Planned Expansion Strategy

Reach South has 13 schools and 4500 pupils.

This includes ten primary schools, an all age school, a UTC and a special school. Our schools are in Plymouth, Bournemouth and Wiltshire. We are a growing Trust with a central team infrastructure and governance developed for this growth and aim to grow across all the age ranges.

Over the next 2 years our growth plans include:

  • A 3-16 age range School of Creative Arts in Plymouth as part of our overall provision in the city,
  • This special free school application for Wiltshire. The free school would be part of our provision for ASD/SEMH pupils. Springfields, owing to pressing demand, has been commissioned by Wiltshire Council to operate an annex provision in the south of the county of Wiltshire for 40 pupils (Springfields South), in addition Springfields North has also increased its number to 170 on the Calne site. Currently  210 pupils are  accessing Springfields Specialist autism provision. The free school would be part of the overall provision for SEND we have in the county.

Our strategic plan is to increase the number of pupils to over 6000 over the next 2 year time period.

For further information regards Reach South Academy Trust, including the Board of Trustees, please go to the Trust Website.

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