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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Curriculum -Overview

Explorer (5-13) - Pathfinder (14+) Curriculum Intent:


Explorer (5- 13)  Implementation:

Our Explorer Curriculum is a knowledge rich curriculum where pupils are given the opportunity to revisit and over learn key curriculum concepts throughout their curriculum journey. Our Personal Development Curriculum thread places emphasis on life skills to enable each individual to thrive building a ‘safe, independent life’. 

Explorer learners are able to access the key stage 1 and key stage 2 curriculum, some may access aspects of the key stage 3 curriculum in areas of special interest. 

To ensure each individual pupil is on their own unique journey towards a ‘safe, independent life’ we ensure they are placed at the centre of the curriculum experience. Every child has a ‘personalised learning plan’ (PLP) which details their enablement strategies and outcomes linked to the four areas of SEND code of practice (2015). The PLP and curriculum delivery is informed by our therapy first approach which provides a foundation for all pupils to be ready to learn and access the curriculum successfully.

The Explorer Curriculum prepares pupils for the Pathfinder Curriculum. 

Pathfinder (14+) Implementation:

The Pathfinder curriculum allows pupils to apply knowledge and skills obtained from the Explorer curriculum in a functional way leading towards accreditation at their level of academic challenge. Pupils continue to experience a curriculum that prioritises personal development including life skills, preparation for adulthood (including careers and post school planning), PSHE and social skills. Time is spent to ensure each individual can transfer the knowledge and skills learnt functionally into their community and post school setting.

Pathfinder learners achieve at Entry level at the end of key stage 4, some aspire to achieve level 1 functional skills . There are occasions where learners achieve level 2 qualifications eg a GCSE in a subject of special talent or interest. 

Explorer  - Pathfinder Curriculum Progression


explorer pathfinder core offer progression 22 23.pdf


explorer pathway curriculum 2023 2024.pdf

 All our lessons follow our Steps to Lesson Success which uses our knowledge of the theories of autism to remove barriers to learning by presenting knowledge visually, chunked in sequence and on a predictable and structured way:7

8 steps to lesson success.pdf





Explorer  - Pathfinder Impact:

We aim for all our pupils leave us with:

Entry Level Qualifications in English

Entry Level Maths

Entry Level Science

Entry Level History or Geography

Entry Level Computing

Entry Level P.E.

Entry Level PSD

OCR Life and Living Award/Certificate/Diploma

Pathway Specific Qualifications by Option in Catering/Motor Vehicle/D.T./ Creative Media/P.E./ Animal Care.


We have aspiration that some pupils may achieve:

Functional Skills English

Functional Skills Maths

Functional Skills Computing 


Sometimes we have pupils who can achieve at GCSE level in a specific subject. Where this is the case we implement a personalised tutoring program to ensure the pupil achieves their potential in their area of specific talent. 

Learners are prepared for post 16 courses/placements in both specialist and mainstream settings.