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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Our Curriculum Pathways

At Springfields we offer two curriculum pathways:


Our Semi - Formal Pathway: 


Our Discovery Curriculum is unique to each individual pupil. The pupil is kept at the heart of the learning experience. Our skilled practitioners provide a flexible and responsive curriculum the meets the very individual needs of each pupil. 

The Discovery Curriculum is a Semi-Formal curriculum for learners who are at the very early stages of learning and development and for those who will work consistently below the National Curriculum with aspiration to work towards end of key stage 1 expectations. The term ‘Semi-Formal Curriculum’ is based on the ideas of Penny Lacey (2011). At Springfields our Discovery curriculum is designed for pupils with autism, communication and learning needs. 

Semi - formal Discovery learners:

  • have communication needs.
  • require additional support to grasp abstract concepts.
  • require support to develop concentration and attention.
  • need support with short and long term memory, sequential memory and working memory.
  • need support with ‘general knowledge’.
  • require support with generalising understanding. 

Discovery learners learn best when their curriculum is related to their own experiences and when they are given plenty of opportunities to overlearn.   

For more information please look at our Discovery Curriculum tab:Discovery Curriculum 

 Our Adapted National Curriculum Pathway:


Our Explorer Curriculum is a knowledge rich curriculum where pupils are given the opportunity to revisit and over learn key curriculum concepts throughout their curriculum journey. Our Personal Development Curriculum thread places emphasis on life skills to enable each individual to thrive building a ‘safe, independent life’. 

Explorer learners are able to access the key stage 1 and key stage 2 curriculum, some may access aspects of the key stage 3 curriculum in areas of special interest. 

The Pathfinder curriculum allows pupils to apply knowledge and skills obtained from the Explorer curriculum in a functional way leading towards accreditation at their level of academic challenge. Pupils continue to experience a curriculum that prioritises personal development including life skills, preparation for adulthood (including careers and post school planning), PSHE and social skills. Time is spent to ensure each individual can transfer the knowledge and skills learnt functionally into their community and post school setting.

Pathfinder learners achieve at Entry level at the end of key stage 4, some aspire to achieve level 1 functional skills . There are occasions where learners achieve level 2 qualifications eg a GCSE in a subject of special talent or interest. 

For more information please look at our Explorer  - Pathfinder tab:

Explorer - Pathfinder Curriculum