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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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The Springfields Academy – Virtual School.


“To build safe, independent lives for autistic young people through support, understanding and enablement”


The Springfields Academy Virtual School Vision is to provide an accessible autism education virtual school platform which provides:

  • Autism friendly education
  • Specific therapies (Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Anxiety Management, wellbeing support)
  • Opportunities for Pupil Voice



We use three platforms to deliver our Virtual Learning experiences.


Padlet is the medium chosen to deliver the majority of a pupil’s education package as well as specific virtual therapies. The platform was chosen as the format builds on the ‘visual thinking’ strengths of a learner with autism encompassing video, photographic, visual and written formats. Pupils are also able to access autism friendly approaches such as TEACCH structures and systems to enable access to the curriculum. Pupil’s using Padlet benefit from being able to establish a dialogue with the teacher, autism support worker or therapist as they can comment on posts, upload their own learning, photos, videos and ideas. This enables the delivery of a personalised virtual education or therapy experience.

As our virtual platform to gain pupil voice, Padlet enables learners to use the ‘Wallwisher’ strategy to gain autistic pupil voice which we use to further shape and enhance the pupil’s experience.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is used to deliver learning experiences, share documents and communicate with pupils and families. The platform allows users to upload and share videos, photos and learning as well and develop dialogue regards the chosen topic.  


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the platform used for ‘live streaming’ of shared learning experiences. Through this platform learners can virtually ‘meet’ to partake in group experiences. Pupil’s can gather to meet creating a social experience, whilst there are barriers that may prevent them from doing this in person, giving further opportunities to develop social communication skills.

Pupils and families can also access specific therapy sessions through this platform; for example focussed solution surgeries, anxiety management interventions, Speech and Language support.

Microsoft Teams also enables us to deliver school community gatherings such as parental coffee mornings and family support sessions.


Our Platforms:

Springfields Academy Padlet Platform: 

Class Dojo 

Springfields Academy

We also post activities and information on our school website under the home learning tab.

Springfields Academy You Tube-

On our YouTube channel we post many exciting activities to enhance our virtual curriculum offer.

Springfields Academy Facebook Page -

Springfields Academy Twitter Page -

Both our Facebook and Twitter page detail key communications, news and pupils celebrations.

Download Microsoft Teams:

The Pupil’s Experience:

We strive to ensure each pupil accesses the personalised virtual education program that meets their needs in line with the outcomes identified on their EHCP, therefore each pupils program is unique to them and they may access a combination of the virtual platforms we use in different quantities at different points in time.