The Springfields Academy

Reach South Academy Trust

Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Staff 2021-22


Jon Hamp- Executive headteacher

Mike Thomas- Headteacher

Nicola Whitcombe- Deputy Headteacher, Quality of Education 

Lee Davidson- Assistant Headteacher, Behaviours and Attitudes & Personal Development Lead

Sam Cottrell- Assistant Headteacher, Knowledge and Understanding of the World Lead

Rebecca Deacon- Assistant Headteacher for the South

Lynn Yendle- Executive Business Manager

Laura Tilley- Head of care

Liz Burns- Head of Therapy/ Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Occupational Therapist 


Phase 1 Teachers

Claire Ludlow- Autism SEND Teacher for Willow class, Phase 1 Lead and Attention Autism Champion. 

Coral Pagram- Autism SEND Teacher for Squirrels class and ECT mentor

Linda Turck- Autism SEND Teacher for Acorns class

Rory Sherwood- Autism SEND Teacher for Beech class and Makaton Lead.


Phase 2 Teachers

Claire Williams- Autism SEND Teacher for Larch class and Phase 2 Lead

Connie Knight- Autism SEND Teacher for Hazel class and SENCo & Communication and Interaction Lead.

Marc Thomas- Autism SEND Teacher for Pine class and DDSL Phase 2

James Coomber- Autism SEND Teacher for Maple class

Peter Corbett- Autism SEND Teacher for Spruce class

Claire Fawcitt - Autism SEND Teacher and DDSL Phase 1


Phase 3 Teachers

Sofia Ben-Ali- Phase 3 Lead/ Autism SEND Science teacher

Tracey Robertson- Autism SEND Teacher 

Sarah Hennessey - Autism SEND Teacher

Sue O’Reilly- Autism SEND humanities teacher

Darren Mullings- Autism SEND Teacher-PE

Aisha Farmilo- Autism SEND instructor-PE

Maxine Page- Autism SEND English teacher and Assistant SENCo

Carol Mortimer -  Autism SEND Maths teacher

Andrew Cameron- Autism SEND ICT Teacher

Mark Enright- ICT Teacher

Howard Cale- Catering Teacher

Kenny Smith- Motor vehicle instructor

Gerard Hurles- LOTC Lead

Alastair Bell- LOTC Instructor


Phase 4 / Post 16:

Nancy Gosling - Autism/SEND Teacher


Specific Needs Teachers


Laura Wells- Autism SEND Teacher for Olive class and Assistant SENCo         

Sue Payne- Autism SEND Teacher for Bay class

Owen Wolfe- Autism SEND Teacher for PLACE class


Springfields South:

Ciera Peacock - Autism SEND Teacher Squirrels

Steph Berry - Autism SEND Teacher Beech and Assistant SENCo

Luke Ford - Autism SEND Teacher Hazel



Laura Tilley- Head of care

Anne-Marie Sheffield- Residential childcare officer

Victoria King- Residential childcare officer

Jan Young- Residential childcare officer

Sean Brown- Residential childcare officer

Kelly Sheffield- Night care

Maggie Freegard- Night care

Steph McGarry- Night care


Therapy list

Liz Burns- Head of Therapy/Occupational Therapist/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Simon Bridges- Outreach worker

Cara Mead- Outreach worker

Cindy Greenan- Therapy assistant/ ELSA

Rebecca Lland- Speech and Language Therapist

Therese Flaherty- Family Liaison Officer

Maxine Lawrence- DDSL

Additional therapists:

Sarah Casson- School counsellor

Miriam Muldal- Art therapist




Sue Groffman - Lead ELSA

Marion McIver - Lead ELSA PLACE

Louise Allen - ELSA

Hannah Bishop -ELSA

Clare Mackinnon -ELSA

Tom McCuley - Emotional Regulator

Adem Bekir - Emotional Regulator 


Autism Support Workers:

Sally - Anne Murray - Lead Autism Support Worker/ELSA

Therese Gavin - Lead Autism Support Worker

Ian Jay - Lead Autism Support Worker/ELSA

Pauline Heaton - Lead Autism Support Worker

Michelle Gale - Lead Autism Support Worker

Ann Berrett - Autism Support Worker/ELKLAN Practitioner

Vicky Hayes - Autism Support Worker

Leavinia Lovelock - Autism Support Worker

Sarah Tugwell - Autism Support Worker and ELKLAN Practitioner 

Michelle Quinney - Autism Support Worker and ELKLAN Practitioner

Harriet Hazzard - Autism Support Worker

Kate Linton - Autism Support Worker

Claire Westland - Autism Support Worker

Jessica Tighe - Autism Support Worker

Kirsti Miller - Autism Support Worker

Grace Dunford -Autism Support Worker

David Newman - Autism Support Worker

Chris Claydon - Autism Support Worker

Paula Hing - Autism Support Worker

Rachel Jobbins- Autism Support Worker

Jenny Oliver- Autism Support Worker

Mark Smith- Autism Support Worker

Geraldine Williams- Autism Support Worker

Maria Snowball- Autism Support Worker

Claire Booth - Autism Support Worker South/ ELKLAN Practitioner

Claire Wovenden Down -  Lead Autism Support Worker South

Rebecca Twinn -Lead Autism Support Worker South

Dan Twinn - Lead Autism Support Worker South

Rob Thomas - Autism Support Worker South

Lauren McNally- Autism Support Worker South

Tiffany Leader- Autism Support Worker South


Site maintenance

James Brum- Site Manager

Shaun Waldron- Deputy site manager


Rachel Barnes - Office Manager

Marie Lopez - Finance Officer

Iwa Holtem - Data Manager and Exams Officer

Zoe Sutterby  - Admin Officer

Fiona Watkins - Admin Officer 

Sharon Read- Admin Officer (South)