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Post 16 Destinations 2019/2020 - 1 Year update




Year 1 check in

Notes from Springfields staff:


Life skills


Fairfield College


Is doing very well at Fairfield,  ,um is really pleased with how he is doing. Thanks Springfields for all our support


Animal care


Lackham College


Expressed that she is really enjoying college and learning outside.


Vehicle maintenance


Chippenham College


3 is enjoying College.

 He is continuing his Maths and English but is enjoying his vehicle Maintenance course and the adult environment at college.




Trowbridge College


Still attending Trowbridge college and working on his Maths and English. Walks to and from college daily




Croydon College


Attending College and loving the freedom. Can navigate around London easily and uses the tube regularly


BTEC Sport


Trowbridge College


Thoroughly enjoying College, had a great pep meeting recently. 6 so far has a 100% attendance report and explained the college environment suits him very well


Functional skills


Radstock college


Accesses Radstock College and is completing his level 1 functional skills in English and Maths. Recently visited Springfields on the bus to say hello to staff




Trowbridge College


8  is a quiet student but is always respectful to staff and other students. He has settled in very well on the course and seems to really enjoy it. Current attendance is 91.1% and he is punctual to all lessons. AL prefers the practical sessions and works independently, however will ask LSDS for support when required. He tries extremely hard in all theory sessions including maths & English.


Life skills


Fairfield College


Still accessing Fairfield and is engaging well in his learning and making new friends. Still enjoys collecting Lego cards.


Creative Media


Salisbury College


10 has passed his creative media course and is starting a specialised TV, Film and media which is 2 years. 10 is becoming more independent taking himself to Salisbury town for lunch and back to collage on his own. 10 has been having driving lessons and  over lockdown he became a semi famous twice/ YouTube/ TikTok streamer and has been earning a nice wage each month from that.



Chippenham College


11 was not enjoying his ICT course so has changed to a Carpentry course which he is loving and thriving on




Salisbury College


Has enrolled on a music course at Salisbury College after not enjoying Travel and Tourism but is loving his new course


Vehicle maintenance


Chippenham College


Home say that 13 is getting on well and making friends


Foundation skills


Trowbridge College


14 was at College when we called so we spoke to mum at length.

14 has been put up to GCSE Maths level but is struggling at the moment with the work. He is doing it online on Thursdays.

She said he has a good friend in the same class as him who he has known since primary.

14 has struggled with girlfriend issues and actually referred himself back to CAMHs for support.


Supported Traineeship

Highpost Golf club



15  is still working 3 days a week at Highpost golf club and is still learning there every day. He is allowed and able to drive the buggy and is currently taking care of the greens and fairways


Motor Vehicles


Trowbridge College


Still accessing MV and is showing real potential. Enjoying the freedom of college.


Professional Cookery




17 attendance is 97.7%. He has passed every single assessment we have done so far (both theoretical and practical) with flying colours. His enthusiasm on the subject of cookery, and becoming a chef, knows no bounds- his culinary knowledge is excellent. He is also a very polite and kind student, regularly supporting his other classmates