The Springfields Academy

Reach South Academy Trust

Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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(Age 5-13)


Our class names are inspired by achievers in the autistic community. Our classes are:

Explorer Class

Trailblazer Class

Adventurer Class

Tajiri Class - Satoshi Tajiri (Pokemon Creator)

Henley Class - Thomas Henley (Taekwondo Champion)

Packham Class - Chris Packham (TV presenter)

Burton Class - Tim Burton

(Movie director)

Thunberg Class - Greta Thunberg (Environmental Activist)

Hope Class  - Sarah Hope (Paralympic Basketball player)

Arday Class - Jason Arday - (Sociologist, Writer and Fundraiser)

McGuinness Class - Christine McGuinness (Model and Autism



Pupils benefit from our Physical and Sensory Curriculum from Physical and Sensory Team :

Physical and Sensory Team (ID 1186)




Find out what we have been learning about on our class pages!