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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Phase 1

(Age 5-8)

In Phase 1 we have 4 classes in our 'Autism and Cognition and Learning' cohort. 

Squirrels Class

Acorn Class

Willow Class

Beech Class

Phase 1 benefit from the Academy Physical and Sensory curriculum offer:

Darren Mullings

Physical and Sensory Lead



             Aisha Farmilo                        Lauren Phillips                    Gerard Hurles 


Physical and Sensory Team


Our Phase 1 Pupils are supported by our wonderful Autism Support Team:

Sally - Anne Murray

Lead ASW/Cover Teacher 


  Pauline Heaton 

Lead Autism Support Worker

Speech and Language Assistant


Sarah Tugwell 

Lead Autism Support Worker

Speech and Language Assistant

Clare Mackinnon 


Kate Linton

Autism Support Worker 

 Jessica Tighe

Autism Support Worker

 Mark Smith

Autism Support Worker

Maria Snowball

Autism Support Worker


Phase 1 Approach to Learning:

In Phase 1 learning starts with a focus on developing communication skills. The Speech and Language Therapist and Teaching team ensure approaches used meet a range of communication and language needs. Communication enablement is embedded in every child's day through activities  such as 'Attention Autism' Bucket time, Sensory bags, Word Aware sessions, Sensory Stories and Shape Coding as our approach to developing writing. Pupils have the opportunity to read daily using personalised multi-sensory approaches. The Occupational Therapist ensures the learning environment meet pupils' sensory needs and collaborates with the teaching team to give pupils access to embedded interventions such as 'Dough Disco' and 'Funky Fingers'. Phase 1 pupils also benefit from P.E. with our specialist team and a personal development curriculum with our LOTC Team.  


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