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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Outreach, Re-Intergration and Family Support

We employ two community outreach workers to develop personalised provision aiming to re- engage disaffected learners, when pupils EHCP outcomes target areas of need that require outreach approaches. 

The purpose of the Outreach Team is to support children/young people at the point of need through planning and delivering targeted outreach services. For some children/young people the core offer curriculum and specific needs core offer may not be accessible due to a heightened level of need requiring a more individualised and bespoke approach to their timetabled support.

The Outreach Team will provide a needs led personalised programme of support that puts children’s needs at the centre of what we do to respond effectively. The Outreach Programme will take into consideration their assessed special educational needs, disabilities, previous experiences and the wider needs of the family/Carers. It will also encompass the need to support the child/young person’s physical, emotional and mental health.

We recognise that a child/young person’s sliding scale of need will change based on individual need, environmental and social influences that requires a different and individualised approach to accessing education. The Outreach Team will assess and explore the child/young person’s individual profile of strengths and difficulties and develop partnerships with parent/carers and community services to inform the planning of outreach delivery.

Ultimately the Outreach Programme will reengage children/young people with education to prevent further isolation and regression. The partnerships with parents/carers will support the understanding and upskilling of the children’s needs creating more positive relationships and outcomes for children and their support. The further development of partnership working with outside agencies and community access will enable children/young people to take part in and benefit from a variety of activities that meet their needs and develop and reflect their creative, intellectual, physical and social interests and skills.

Having accessed a successful Outreach Programme children/young people will develop the resilience to cope with challenges and difficulties that they experience, achieve their ambitions and reach their potential. Exit strategies will inform transitions to the next phase of the child/young person’s education in a way that they will feel safe and independent to build on their strengths and success.

Our Outreach Team:

Cara Mead - Outreach, Re-Integration and Family Support