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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Network & events

Networks and Events

The Springfields Academy embraces an ethos of collaboration, not competition.

As part of Reach South Multi-Academy Trust, the academy works closely with a large number of schools. However, we also value building partnerships outside of our organisation. The academy runs a number of events and networks on a ‘participation not profit’ basis.

For all enquiries regarding networks and events please email:

Upcoming Events

  • A-Fest 2022- EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM SEPTEMBER! A limited number of Early Bird Tickets are now available to book here. A-Fest 2022 takes place at the academy on Tuesday 1st March 2022. 

Chartered College of Teaching SEND Network

The academy is proud to run a SEND network for the Chartered College of Teaching.

To date over 100 education professionals have attended over 8 events, covering topics such as: anxiety, mental health, trauma-informed teaching and good SEND practice.

A-Fest 2022

A-Fest 2022 will take place on Tuesday 1st March 2022. A limited number of Early Bird Tickets are available to book here

A-Fest, A Festival Celebrating Autism, had its inaugural festival in February 2019.

Our desire to learn, share and celebrate good practice led to the creation of A-Fest and the positive feedback received meant it will now be a yearly event. After a fantastic 8 days of Mini a-Fest in 2021, we're pleased to announce that A-Fest will be back in 2022. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about whether this will be virtual, face to face, or both!

You can view the A-Fest 2022 Flyer here

If you would like to be notified when tickets go on sale then please email:

Wiltshire Women Leading in Education

73.8% of all classroom teachers are female, yet only 62% of headteachers are female (School Workforce in England 2015).

Diverse teams create better results; the Women Leading in Education project is all about creating diverse leadership teams. After all, what view of leadership do we want our young people to grow up seeing?

The Wiltshire Women Leading in Education network, established as part of the DfE Women Leading in Education event, was established in June 2017. Since then over 100 educators from across the South West have joined us at over 8 events. As part of the DfE Coaching Pledge we also run coaching training and speedmeets.