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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Motor Vehicle, Engineering and Transport

"To build safe, independent lives for autistic young people through support, understanding and enablement"



Pupils starting at year 9 through to year 11 will  achieve the following;

Year 9 – pupils will have a general introduction to workshop health and safety practices and protocol and be able to demonstrate safe working practices at all times. Students need to know about appropriate PPE including overalls, barrier cream, and protective footwear. Knowledge of dangerous chemicals found in the workshop and how to protect against contamination is essential. Introduction to equipment and tools is an integral part of the learning process. Emphasis is placed on Health and Safety at all times and reinforced throughout the course.

Year 10 –students will  be able to take and read measuring equipment. They will also have the opportunity to research using computers. Students will begin practical assessments as their skills and proficiency increases. Students will have gained important knowledge in the units being assessed which will have a positive impact on their performance outcomes. Units will have a broad subject spectrum based on the governing body’s expectations for that particular qualification.

Year 11 – All  qualifications are unit based and are divided between theory and practical sessions. Units are designed to give an understanding and a working knowledge of mechanical processes and procedures aligned with a hands on practical approach to achieving skills that will prove valuable in a real world working environment. 

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Impact of the Motor Vehicle Curriculum:

Springifields pupils will leave the academy with the knowledge and skills to lead a safe independent life and healthy life. This will be evident in pupils opting for the Motor Vehicle pathway through the achievement of:

  •  AQA Introduction to washing car exterior
  • Gateway Level 1 Certificate in Skills for the Motor Vehicles sector (10 units)

  • AQA Introduction to replacing car components

  • AQA - Introduction to Basic Car Maintenance with Support

  • AQA Introduction to Motor Vehicles Servicing

  • AQA - Introduction to safety in the workshop

  • AQA Introduction to the four stroke engine