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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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"To build safe, independent lives for autistic young people through support, understanding and enablement"

Through our maths curriculum we intend:

  • For students to leave numerate and to be able to use numeracy skills in the workplace and throughout their lives.
  • For all students to have an understanding of number and the number system, able to tell the time, read timetables and handle money confidently in the real world.
  • For all students to leave Springfields with a maths qualification - minimum of Entry Level 1 ranging to GCSE maths.


The Maths curriculum covers the following areas of maths:

  • Number
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Statistics

Teachers in  adapt the ‘White Rose’ framework to link to ensure there is clear progression from Year 1 to end of Year 11 predicted outcome(s).

We plan for this using a mastery approach which focuses on ensuring complete understanding before moving students on to new learning experiences.

In order to support students moving from a concrete understanding to more abstract ideas, we use a variety of manipulatives, models and images (reference Calculation Policy). We providing full immersion in the concepts before moving to procedures. It follows the research of Bruner (1966)- for children to fully understand and master concepts in maths they needs to follow the process of

enactive→ iconic →symbolic.

Building on the work of Temple Grandin ‘Thinking in Pictures’ (1993) our learners with autism have the opportunity to develop a concrete understanding of abstract mathematical concepts through:

  1. Concrete experience based activities
  2. Pictorial representation
  3. Abstract 

Whilst there are age related expectations for those pupils who have the cognitive ability to achieve them, it is important that pupils are taught according to the stage at which they are currently working. They will be moved to the next stage when appropriate and pupils who grasp concepts quickly will be challenged appropriately.

Details of our approach can be found within our Calculation Policy:

calculation policy october 2022.pdf

 Numeracy skills development Year 1 - Year 8:

We encourage the development of early numeracy skills through multi-sensory experience based learning opportunities. Numeracy is embedded throughout the curriculum and taught in context in a variety of real life situations. Children are encouraged to develop their skills in context with regular opportunities for overlearning key concepts to ensure numeracy skills are embedded and pupils have a concrete understanding. Children are encouraged to ‘use and apply’ new skills as they are taught to encourage functional use, this is important for our learners with autism who find it more difficult to transfer new skills to different contexts. Maths for meaning becomes a clear focus through mathematical investigations as well as using and applying maths knowledge in a range of situations building a numeracy skills base for a safe, independent life.

Maths in Year  9 -11:

During the final three years of students’ time in Springfields, students are prepared for one of three different pathways:

  • Entry Level
  • Functional Skills
  • GCSE.

Measuring the Impact of the Maths curriculum :

Students are assessed using a variety of methods.

  • Teacher assessment every lesson using carefully chosen diagnostic questions to highlight misconceptions and measure progress against key performance indicators (from the curriculum)
  • Pupil Progress and assessment cycle

 The maths curriculum is evaluated through the termly curriculum review which is informed by:

  • Progress Frameworks - autism, knowledge and skills bespoke to cohort pathway. 
  • Progress towards EHCP outcomes 
  • Accreditation achieved 
  • Pupil progress and attainment cycle 
  • Pupil voice
  • Staff curriculum evaluation 
  • Parent voice 

Impact of the Maths Curriculum:

All Springifields pupils will leave the academy with functional maths skills to lead a safe independent life. This will be evident in all pupils achieving as a minimum the Entry Level 1 qualification in maths; many will achieve higher level qualifications such as further Entry Levels, Functional Skills Qualifications and some may achieve GCSE maths.