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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Our class is named after Guy Martin, Mechanic and Motor Bike Racer. Guy has a diagnosis of autism.  


                              Aisha Farmilo                 Hannah Stephens

                                                       Martin Tutors


                                      Kate Linton                             Artenisa Shima

                           Autism Support Worker              Autism Support Worker


The Martin Class access our Explorer+ Curriculum Model where each pupil has a personalised timetable and the support of our Autism Support Workers. The pupils access core subjects with subject specialists, Physical and Sensory sessions with the Physical  and Sensory Team can chose one of the following Pathway subjects which they access in the Pathway setting: Catering, Motor Vehicle/D.T., P.E., Animal Care, Computing/Creative Media. 


Core Subject Teachers:



       Maxine Page                Sofia Ben-Ali               Sue O'Reilly          Carol Mortimer

Autism SEND Teacher            Autism SEND Teacher         Autism SEND Teacher  Autism SEND Teacher

         English                           Science                     Humanities                  Maths

   Assistant SENCO            Equalities Lead


Physical and Sensory Team



       Darren Mullings                       Aisha Farmilo                       Hannah Stephens

  Physical and Sensory Lead     Autism SEND Teacher           Autism SEND Teacher                  

Pathway Team



        Howard Cale                       Andrew Cameron                        Darren Mullings

  Autism SEND Teacher           Autism SEND Teacher              Autism SEND Teacher

          Catering                                Computing                                   Sport/P.E.

Personal Development         Personal Development              Personal Development



       Lee Davidson                            Cara Mead                                Glenn Hilary

  Assistant Headteacher        Autism Re-Integration            Autism SEND Teacher

          Animal Care                         Animal Care                            Motor Vehicle/ D.T. 

Personal Development                                                            Personal Development

Find out about what we are learning:


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Padlet Home Learning:

To access weekly home learning please log onto our school Padlet domain:

You will need your user name and password to access your Padlet - please ask your teacher if you are unsure.

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