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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Learning Outside the Classroom (loTc).

"To build safe, independent lives for autistic young people through support, understanding and enablement"

Our exceptional Learning Outside the Classroom curriculum offer, accessed by pupils in Year 1 - Year 11, uses a range of outdoor adventurous activities to promote emotional and social development, build resilience and confidence and to identify and manage risk. Lead by our dedicated and specialist LOTC team, the curriculum promotes a range of key life skills.

Encouraging responsibility for oneself is an essential quality for the activities and environments that pupils visit. The challenge in tackling (sometimes) extreme and harsh environments inspires self confidence that empowers learners. The knowledge, experience, skills and qualities gained in LOTC are transferable to many everyday activities paving the way for a safe, independent life. 


The LOTC curriculum is built from the ten key 'Quality Outdoor Learning Outcomes':

Enjoyment: enjoy participating and reflecting in outdoor activities and adopt a positive attitude to challenge and adventure

Confidence and character: enhancing their overall well-being by gaining personal confidence and developing character and resilience through taking on challenges and achieving success

Health and wellbeing: developing their self-awareness and social skills, and their appreciation of the contributions and achievements of themselves and of others

Social and emotional awareness: are becoming alive to the natural local and global environment and understand the importance of conservation and sustainable development

Environmental awareness: acquiring and developing a range of skills in outdoor activities, fieldwork, exploration, journeys and expedition

Activity skills: demonstrating increased initiative and innovation, enthusiasm, curiosity, self-reliance, responsibility, perseverance, tenacity and commitment

Personal qualities: developing and extending their key skills of communication, problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, leadership and co-operation

Skills for life: learning to appreciate the benefits of physical activity and the lifelong value of participation in healthy leisure activities and reflection

Increased motivation and appetite for learning: displaying an increased motivation and appetite for self-directed learning that is contributing to raised levels of attainment in other aspects of their development, as well as becoming concerned, responsible and fulfilled citizens

Broadened horizons: broadening their horizons and becoming open to a wider range of employment opportunities and life chances

From Year 1 - Year 8 pupils are exposed to a range of experiences to promote skill development across the 'Quality Outdoor Learning Outcomes'.

The focus of experiences include:

  • Getting used to the outdoors
  • Being safe in the outdoors
  • Navigating
  • First aid and staying safe
  • Bushcraft skills
  • Teamwork

lotc key performance indicators phase 1 and 2.pdf

Following on from a solid skills foundation pupils who opt to take pathways in Year 9- Year 11 access a range of qualifications. Pupils also access a personalised work -related learning and experience program to prepare them for life beyond Springfields.  

planning roadmap lotc pathway.pdf

lotc key performance indicators phase 3.pdf

 Measuring the Impact of the LOTC Curriculum:

  • Feedback on LOTC is personalised to the needs of the learner. Photos, videos and skill observation are used to reflect, assess skills and plan towards future development.
  • Teacher assessment against the key performance indicators evidences progress.

The LOTC curriculum is evaluated through regular curriculum review which is informed by:

  •  Progress Frameworks - autism, knowledge and skills bespoke to cohort pathway. 
  • Progress towards EHCP outcomes 
  • Accreditation achieved 
  • Pupil progress and attainment cycle 
  • Pupil voice
  • Staff curriculum evaluation 
  • Parent voice 

Impact of the LOTC Curriculum:

Springfields pupils will leave the academy with the knowledge and skills to lead a safe independent life This will be evident in pupils opting for the LOTC pathway achieving the following qualifications:

  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze
  • Duke of Edinburgh Silver
  • John Muir Award
  • Nicas Climbing Award
  • First Aid
  • Arts Award