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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Vision  -The Springfields Academy

2020-21. We will review and change aspects of our work to actively challenge racism in all its forms and to build structures and attitudes at Springfields based on race equality and the equal distribution of power, privileges and rights and responsibilities.

Additional to racial equality, our vision is for full equality against all nine protected characteristics, With special focus on disabilities, regarding the needs of our community.

Our vision and challenge will be expressed through vibrant and inclusive provision and community. It is the duty of all staff to challenge structural inequalities so that together we can break down barriers and policies that might limit the aspirations of anyone employed by, or served by, Springfields or ReachSouth Trust.


We will:

Have an ethos that puts anti-racism and equality at the very heart of what we do.
Review every aspect of what we do to ensure that our work does not continue the iniquity of structural racism and inequality
Ensure that we all hold ourselves to account, through rigorous self-evaluation.

Our priorities for change are:

Teaching, learning and the curriculum
Governance, policies, and practice
Human Resources
Communication and engagement

We will engage with all of our staff, pupils, and parents to effect change. We will establish key groups of leaders, staff, pupils, and parents and aim for embedded sustainable change.


Equality Teaching:

 Our curriculum topics and resources promote the nine protected characteristics as identified in the Equalities Act 2010.



Although our positive promotion of these characteristics is embedded within our ethos and curriculum approaches there are also discrete opportunities for discussion and teaching; particularly through our PHSE curriculum.

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Vision Reach South Academy Trust

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