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Our central mission is for Reach South pupils to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them.

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Physical and Sensory

We enable the development of Physical and Sensory skills and awareness through:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Education
  • Learning Outside of the Classroom

Many of our pupils have a significant sensory profile and/or require additional support to develop their fine and/or gross motor skills. Our Physical and Sensory Curriculum enables our pupils to develop the skills that allow them to access a full curriculum, emotionally regulate and have strategies to support them to lead a 'safe, independent life'. 

Additional to discrete Physical and Sensory sessions, P.E. and LOTC sessions our pupils benefit from a Physical and Sensory curriculum that is integrated into their day. Examples of this can been seen through the following autism/ physical and sensory enablement strategies:

  • An autism friendly environment
  • Sensory Circuits 
  • Movement breaks
  • Multi-sensory teaching 
  • Sensory exploration e.g. Attention Autism, Sensory bags, Sensory Stories, use of the Sensory Room, use of the Soft play
  • Rebound Therapy and use of the trampolines. 
  • Animal Therapy 
  • Horse Riding (bespoke Intervention)
  • Art Therapy (bespoke Intervention)
  • Virtual Reality
  • Gross Motor Skill Intervention including use of the outdoor gym, climbing tree, ride on bikes/wheeled toys, BMX/Mountain bikes, gymnastic equipment, athletic equipment
  • Bespoke seating e.g. wobble stools, ball chairs, wobble cushions
  • Concentrators
  • Ear defenders
  • Fine Motor Skills Intervention e.g. Funky Fingers, Dough Disco
  • Sensory cooking
  • Drama Therapy
  • Musical exploration