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Ski Trip to Risoul, France – March 2018

I am pleased to announce our plans for The Springfields Academy Ski trip that will be taking place in March next year. The Springfields Academy has enjoyed extremely successful skiing holidays in the past and the event is now a regular addition to the school calendar. It is also pleasing to note that pupils from all years are able to participate, from Year Primary to 11.

We will be travelling back to the wonderful French resort of Risoul, a commune in the Hautes-Alpes department in southeastern France. It is located in the French Alps between the towns of Briançon and Gap. Uncrowded and unspoilt, the local ski area is ideal for all abilities, and almost every run returns to the village. If you would like to see more about Risoul, then please visit the website below.

Please find the full letter sent to parents here: SKI permission letter

Help us to raise money as you shop

We all enjoy spending, whether its just our weekly shop or purchasing that little reward from Amazon! You can now help us raise funds as you shop. Its as easy as 1,2,3

1, Download the app or logon to the website

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Its really that simple. We will benefit from you shopping, but at no cost to yourself.

We are currently raising money for more outdoor learning spaces around the Academy. We know from experience that pupils love learning outside so we are looking to increase our learning environment to the outdoors with covered areas.

Register Now and please share with family friends.

Thank you

The Fundraising Team

Area FUNdraiser – Parent/Carer Forum

Fellow Parents/Carers,

We are looking for willing volunteers to come aboard as an Area Fundraiser and believe this will be the most practical way of firstly ascertaining Area FUNdraisers and then run their area with FUNdraising for the Academy but you may ask why?  Well here are 10 reasons why:

Ok you pay your taxes but budgets at every school are tight. Money raised in Parent/Carer Forum FUNdraisers (P/CF FUN) is often used to pay for those little extras that can make an academy even more special, be it an interactive whiteboard or an academy trip to the theatre.

Knowing that they can (within reason) predict a certain level of fundraised extra income each year will allow our academy to plan an effective and realistic budget.

Helping at P/CF Fundraising events helps you get to know your kid’s teachers better and understand the way the academy works.  Equally as Area Fundraisers it provides another footprint on the map for our Academy.

Being part of the P/CF helps you get to know other parents/carers and their children. This is important for academy matters but also great for a more active social life!

By joining the P/CF you have the chance to promote and enhance your academy’s standing within your local community and with Ofsted and the National Autistic Society.

Although occasionally embarrassed most children do actually like to know that you are there for them, taking an interest and sharing their experience.

Talking to other parents/carers helps you and them. Sharing experiences and parenting tips helps us all.

The commitment is not too much. The occasional evening meeting and the odd summer fete or other academy fundraiser.

Everyone has different talents and skills they can bring to the academy and parents/carers are a great interface between the academy and the ‘outside world’. Very handy for raffle prizes, sponsorship or professional help.

It’s actually quite fun to run the ‘splat the rat’ stall at the academy fete. Or watch the kids enjoy themselves at the academy disco or prom night. Isn’t this what it’s all about – part of the whole parenting/caring package!

Geographical Areas

Being such a widespread community we have come up with the following areas for our Area FUNdraisers:

CC Group – Chippenham, Calne + North & East Wilts

WW Group – Warminster & Westbury +SE Wilts

MD Group – Melksham, Devizes & BoA

SW Wilts Group – Bulford, Ludgershall, Netheravon, Salisbury

BANES Group – Bath & NE Somerset

P/CF Committee

The P/CF Committee will then evolve as follows:

x1 Chairperson

x2 Joint Vice Chairpersons

x5 FUNdraisers (Support from fellow P/Cs in their respective areas)

Volunteers wishing to ‘come on board’ in a FUNdraising role are kindly requested to email expressing their interest and in which area at their earliest convenience please.

Kind regards

Steve, Vicki & Andy

P/CF Committee

LOTC Term 3, its again been a fantastic journey, for students and staff, continually developing the LOTC program.

LOTC Term 3, its agin been a fantastic journey, for students and staff, continually developing the LOTC program.

This term we have focused on navigation, and for the first time in my career in the outdoors, i found a bunch of students who get along with doing compass work, so thank you! Fist Aid has been accredited by St Johns and we are waiting for our first batch of certificates. The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award is about to be put into top gear, and what is magic about this, the students are all too keen and its becoming part of the ethos of LOTC, and soon the Academy as there are many supportive staff out there helping, so thank you to you.

The film below gives you a small snippet of some of the things we have done this term.


LOTC Term 3

Despite the cold weather it has been a very successful term. The students have been going out, despite the conditions to the most exposed areas in Wiltshire. This has given us the opportunity to explore different types of clothing and how to stay safe in harsh weather. More importantly, the Emotional Literacy opportunities have been chatting about how the environment can effect the way you feel, and how by adapting the environment by wearing the right kit, this can have a positive impact.

We have also been introducing navigation this term, in preparation for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Participation at an employability conference organised for young people

January seems to be lasting a long time this year, but we kept warm and busy with another active week.
For some , the week started on Sunday 22nd with participation at an employability conference organised for young people across Wiltshire where our older pupils really shone.

More credit to our year 7 pupils who visited Marden Court this week. Wonderful to hear about their interactions with residents and even responding well when one of the residents was a little critical of their handwriting!

Staff attended the BETT show, where they were able to pick up more ideas about using technology to support learning

We also had our first ever Science trainees from Bath Spa university, another great opportunity for us to develop.

Looking forward to next September, we held the first Year.9 options assembly, so that thinking and planning can begin for those pupils and their future.

Perhaps most importantly, with the world as it is, we addressed Holocaust Memorial Day through many year.9 pupils and Life Skills pupils studying ‘The Boy in the striped pyjamas’.

Thanks are again due to our mentors from St Marys for their work in celebrating Burns night with our residential pupils with some Scottish themed art work.

A busy week! With more to follow!

Kind regards

Jon Hamp

Parent/Carer Forum Questionnaire

Good afternoon Fellow Parents/Carers,

The Parent/Carer Forum Committee are volunteers striving to:

a.   Develop and maintain a partnership between the academy and the parents/carers in order to support & promote the pupils academic and social learning.

b.   Give the parents/carers a voice and increase their active involvement in decision-making, fostering a culture of ownership and participation.

Completion of the Parent/Carer Forum Questionnaire emailed out recently will help the Forum evolve effectively for us all to achieve maximum effect in support of ourselves but more importantly our children.

Please please please complete the questionnaire and forward at your earliest convenience to  (a copy can be obtained via the same email address).


Kind regards

Steve, Vicki & Andy

The P/CF Committee


What a drama at Springfields!

If you visited the academy last week you may have noticed more drama than usual, as we hosted eight Drama trainee teachers from Bath Spa University. It was the first time that Drama trainees have visited the academy, but it certainly won’t be the last! The trainees followed a full programme, which included running workshops for pupils and a performance of Roald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Rhyme’ ‘Cinderella’ in assembly.

The trainees spoke at length about how the visit will help them support SEND learners in their own classrooms. Trainees described the academy as: wholesome, flexible, inspiring, open and inclusive. One trainee described the academy as: “Uncompromising- everything I’ve seen has been totally centred around the welfare and healthy development of the students.” Trainee Bethan Powell said that the academy was: “Transparent- every system, rule and strategy is communicated with staff, students and parents. Communication is very strong.”

The trainees were also full of praise for the welcome which they received from the pupils, “The children are fantastic. I love the general atmosphere created of support and understanding. The rapport the staff have with the kids is amazing to witness.”

Our relationship with Bath Spa University is one that we value immensely and the benefit for the trainees is also seen through their feedback: “My eyes have truly been opened about specialist schools. Everyone has been so welcoming and the children are brilliant.”

We look forward to welcoming Science trainees from Bath Spa later this week.