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Pupil works on social skills with help from Bowood’s pro golfers

This year, one of our pupils has been taking part in weekly Golf coaching sessions at Bowood Golf Club. James has been attending his 1:1 sessions to not only advance himself in his already impressive golfing ability, but also to practice and consolidate his social skills.

I am thrilled to share with you that James has impressed all who have worked with him and has featured in this week’s Gazette and Herald. Take a look!

Springfields Academy pupil works on social skills with help from Bowood’s pro golfers

Mrs Deacon


Pupils from Oak class are having a wheelie good time!

Taken from a letter written to Eduard, Albert Einstein’s son in 1930.

Kai and Rhilee from Oak class have begun to work with Mr Derby, on maintaining the Springfields Academy fleet of bicycles as part of a successful, personalised intervention.

Both Kai and Rhilee are very keen cyclists and are dab hand’s at bicycle mechanics, but were struggling a bit in class. It was for this reason Mr Derby thought they might be interested in helping out with looking after our fleet of bikes, as part of an intervention to work on areas of their behaviour in class.

They have already helped to fix a number of bikes that were in need of repair, find problems with other bikes in the fleet and have even begun to offer to service and repair staff bikes – in readiness for the summer!

The intervention has been a huge success. Not only for Mr Derby and the bikes but for the boys themselves and their teacher Mr Wolfe. We are already seeing that the boys’ statistics around behaviour incidents; show that the intervention has formed an integral part in bring them down by over half... A great effort by both Kai and Rhilee. Well Done boys!

One of their first customers was Mr Kirby, Senior Pastoral Manager. His bike came in not going into gear and needing a bit of TLC.

The boys checked the bike over, changed any cables that needed replacing, aligned the gears, checked the brakes and tyres and gave it a detailed clean that made it shine like new!

Mr Kirby was very impressed and said “The boys did a fantastic job, i hadn’t ridden it in ages as it was broke but now its fixed up I cant wait to get back on it – it looks like new!”

And word is catching on… The boys have already had more bikes brought in by Mr Lewis, Tutor for Fir class and Mr Hamp our Headteacher…


A big thanks to Halfords in Chippenham, for their continued support and guidance in all things bikey!

For any sales, advice or support please contact them on 01249 445040 or visit them at Hathaway Retail Park, Chippenham

Keep an eye out for more bike news from Mr Derby over the next few months – there are some exciting things ahead!!!


Year 9’s Visit Bristol Museum

Today has been another eventful day here at The Springfields Academy! Fir class and Chestnut class from year 9 went on a visit to Bristol Museum to learn about how art galleries curate exhibits. To begin with, we explored the museum, trying to find art work which inspired us. There were lots of pieces to choose from.

We then moved on to what we referred to as the red room. We thought carefully about why the curators of the museum had made certain choices in this exhibit. We thought about the importance of the bright red and patterned wallpaper, the uniformity of the gold frames, the importance of good lighting and how important the wall information next to the art work was.


We continued to think about these themes as we explored the rest of the museum. We have used the knowledge we gained today to begin planning our own art exhibit for Springfields. The pupils have begun to design an art space, thinking carefully about the design elements linked to their chosen piece of art work from the year. Keep your eyes peeled for our own exhibition unveiling!

As well as exploring Bristol museum, we also went and found some art around Bristol. We saw 2 of Banksy’s original works!

Blanket of Bluebells!

Today the students who attend horse riding at RDA Manton went for the annual trek through the Bluebell woods.

The scene was stunning and the smell amazing!

The students and ponies both enjoyed being in the fresh air!

Thank you RDA Manton 🙂

A positive start to the day!

Breakfast Club is held Monday to Friday 8.30am to 9am in the school dining room.

The students have healthy options to choose from and the opportunity to try new foods!

Bagels went down well last week and the student have asked for more 🙂

Breakfast club offers time to transition in to school from transport, it gives students the time and space to express any concerns or worries they may have about the day ahead and for the students that travel distance it gives them the opportunity to eat and drink before they go to class!

On top of this students have been working hard on developing their independence skills and improving their social and communication skills.

If you would like more information on Breakfast Club please contact your child’s tutor.

Space to talk!

This term has seen the start of ‘Girls Group’. The group was developed through feedback from the girls within the Academy!
They wanted a space and time where they could talk freely about things that they struggle with in and out of school.

This week they made fresh fruit kebabs in the therapy garden!

A Mind-set For Change Apple Conference


The Springfields Academy are extremely privilege to have Joe Moretti as our Keynote speaker at an event we are holding on Thursday 10th May.


Joe works alongside schools all over the world on the successful implementation and integration of the iPad into their lessons. As a teacher Joe has taught from Primary through to HE and has the practical experience to know ‘what works’ in the classroom. Joe is much in demand across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa for training days, seminars, keynotes and conferences.


There may be over 1,000,000 applications on the app store, however Joe has distilled these down to a short list of easy to use and extremely powerful applications for transforming the teaching and learning experience of any class.



9:00am –  arrival welcome refreshments

9:30am –  Keynote by Joe Moretti –  A Mindset for Change

10:15am – The Three App solution (this session will also cover accessibility settings on the iPad).

11:15 am – break – refreshment

11:30 am – Emerging Technologies in VR and AR

12:15pm – Lunch

12.45 –  pm –  Murder Mystery. The Master Chef Murder.

3:00pm –  finish


Places are limited so to avoid disappointment please use the link to book your free place. There will competitions and prizes during the day.



British Science Week 2018

Celebrating Science Week proved a great success for everyone involved at Springfields last week.

We held lunchtime “All About Colour” sessions for KS2 &3, and for many of the students this was their first time working in the lab which was a great introduction for them.

Activities included ScArt (Science and Art) painting pictures using household chemicals – red cabbage water, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. Then we made fantastically coloured fizzy potions simply by mixing 2 colourless solutions together, eat your heart out Harry Potter!

We also used the Bunsen burners and the pupils were able to identify metals from the colour of the flames.



Wednesday was Demo Day and there was great excitement when we made some elephants toothpaste which seemed to go on forever and we did the infamous coke and mentos fountain.


There was an egg challenge for a mixed group of years 8,9 and 10. Four teams were challenged to safely transport an egg from the bench to the floor. The students showed fantastic teamwork and came up with innovative solutions which they then built and tested – and most of the eggs survived!


Throughout the week there was a scavenger hunt which involved pupils finding answers to quiz questions from posters displayed around the school. Everyone learnt some interesting facts about a range of scientists and their work.

Congratulations to all the participants, it was a real pleasure to see the enthusiasm for science at Springfields and we are already planning for 2019 Science Week to be even better.