At Springfields Academy, we value the contribution our parents and carers make towards school life. Our aim is to keep you regularly updated with key information and changes, as well as exciting news. So PLEASE read the Headteacher’s weekly blog, and take a good look at the fortnightly newsletter, and PLEASE come along to our parent/ carer days, of which there are two a year. Finally, for a great insight into academy life, read the bumper style newsletter that we produce twice a year, which showcases all that we do here at Springfields, in the school day and on the residential houses.


Prospective students and their parents / carers are encouraged to make an appointment to meet the Headteacher, Transitions team and other staff so that the student’s individual needs can be considered in detail, thus ensuring that the provision is appropriate. Prospective students are also welcomed to have a tour of the school.

If you would like to arrange an appointment to visit the school then please phone Therese Flaherty on 01249 814125.

The Local Authority (LA) manages admissions. Parents / Carers of prospective students should apply in writing to Springfields Academy who will forward it on to the SEN Assessment Team. Students are accepted if the placement appears appropriate and parents/carers, the LA and school are in agreement.

Parent Feedback

We always welcome parent feedback and are happy to display comments on our website. Please use the link below to give your view.

Parent and Carers Days

Parent and Carers days are a great way to find out how your child is progressing at Springfields and is an ideal opportunity to talk through any suggestions or concerns you may have with your child’s tutor and with their teachers.

Our Parents’ Days for 2016-17 are;

  • Thursday 6th October 2016: 1.30-3.30pm
  • Wednesday 18th January 2017: 4.30-7.30pm
  • Friday 7th July 2017: 11.15-1.15pm

Coffee Mornings

We hold a coffee morning on the first Thursday of each month, everyone is welcome.
It is held from 08:30 to 10:00. Please report to reception upon arrival.