Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

Caring and Learning Together.

Mission statement

Springfields Academy aspires  to build successful, happy and independent lives for young people with Special Educational needs. We are an Academy for learners with social and emotional difficulties and/or high functioning ASD who have the potential to access a primary/secondary curriculum.

Statement of Purpose.

At Springfields we know the extent, and welcome the challenge of the task ahead of us with each pupil and their family. We must prepare them for the experiences, opportunities and responsibilities of adult life. As a consequence of the demands made by changing patterns of; family life, employment, communication and moral and social values, they will need to experience and develop an ever  widening range of attitudes, values, knowledge and skills.

To achieve our purpose there are three ‘R’s that are critical. These are; relationships, relevance, and (the) residential (experience)The fourth, critical ‘R’ is the rigour that must underpin all activity.

Firstly, the strength and character of Springfields is built around positive relationships. Every day we aim to teach our pupils how to overcome their individual difficulties. Often they may need to learn that adults can be trusted. To build positive relationships and trust, staff always display the highest levels of consistency, tolerance and fairness. It is our duty to be fair and reliable adults who concentrate on positives, and display incredible levels of perseverance and tolerance. We care and value pupils, having a high regard for their ability. We are able to meet our pupils’ needs  because we know , acknowledge and appreciate them as unique and interesting individuals.  It is through the quality of our relationships that we secure outstanding outcomes and ensure our pupil’s safety.

Secondly, to build the quality of relationships that help to build a young person’s self-esteem and capture their engagement, we must ensure that learning is relevant and exciting for the individual young person. It must be valued by the individual and serve a critical role in that young person’s transition towards independence and adulthood. We commit to meeting the primary needs of all our young people, always aiming to shape our provision to meet their need, whether that be additional literacy intervention,  art therapy, animal care or GCSE level studies at KS4. 

Thirdly, Springfields is a residential school and prides itself on the outcomes derived from a 24 hour curriculum that is built around consistency of care and expectation. The residential experience provides a ‘wrap around’ of care for each child, with a team committed to helping that young person progress academically and socially, enabling friendships to develop for many who have struggled with social communication and interaction. Additionally our residential provision provides access to a broad range of social enrichment allowing our pupils to have fun in new contexts and the external community, learning what is appropriate and how as young adults to enjoy themselves and enjoy spending their time. We pride ourselves on the quality of our residential care yet aspire to avoid any institutionalisation through bringing the world to Springfields (in part through our international schools award 2014) but also through ensuring our pupils understand their rights and responsibilities within the community. Residential care provides a stable, caring environment for young people so they can be equipped with the skills required for social independence and self sufficiency when they leave the Academy.

Rigour is applied to all the academy’s activities. We are focussed on effective leadership and management at all levels to promote improvement, manage staff performance , monitor value for money and ensure that pupils are enabled to overcome specific barriers to learning.

Overall, Springfields  is committed to active, creative reflective learning in all forms, maximised by encouragement to each individual pupil to achieve their best in every aspect of their development. We celebrate innovation and are committed to nurturing high self-esteem and respect for others.

We passionately believe that everyone can learn both socially and academically, becoming dynamic, independent thinkers with a lifelong love of learning. We believe this is best achieved by involving young people and parents/ carers in the process of learning , enabling them to ask questions, solve problems and make thoughtful decisions.

The academy is managed by its own Governing body.

Springfields  Academy will:

  • Provide a safe environment and opportunities for students to learn and achieve
  • Understand how young people’s experiences can influence their past and present behaviour.
  • Motivate students by promoting success rather than failure, rewarding engagement while dealing effectively with all aspects of disengagement.
  • Raise students’ self-confidence and self-esteem by providing relevant opportunities for learning and recognising and praising progress in all areas.
  • Provide alternative personalised curriculum arrangements to engage any pupils at risk of disaffection.
  • Promote students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.
  • Help students develop positive, healthy relationships with other children and adults within the Academy environment as well as in the local community, preparing them for transition at every opportunity.
  • Help students gain a range of relevant independent (life) skills in preparation for their transitions to adult life.
  • Value, train and motivate all of our employees.