At Springfields, we give high priority to safeguarding our pupils. We do this by ensuring that:

  • Our single central record is regularly updated to reflect the latest information relating to all members of staff, governors and regular visitors.
  • Designated staff and governors are trained in child protection and safer recruitment.
  • Safeguarding policies and statements are clear and easily accessible for all stakeholders on the Academy website and reinforced through regular training, monitoring, and evaluation of practice.
  • Pupils and the safeguarding of pupils is regularly discussed and recorded on a daily and weekly basis. All staff are in receipt of a key safeguarding document, which informs day-to-day practice.
  • There is a regular programme of safeguarding training relating to child protection, child sexual exploitation and prevent is undertaken by designated members of staff, governors, and other staff. All staff have received child protection, child sexual exploitation, FGM and Prevent training. This was updated in September 2016.
  • We work closely with our multi-agency partners to signpost the correct support to safeguard our pupils and their families.
  • We recognise the vulnerability of the pupils attending Springfields. We therefore have specific individual policies regarding CSE, PREVENT and FGM that inform working practice.

Sometimes allegations are made against a member of staff. All allegations are taken seriously and investigated in line with statutory guidance (Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016 and Working Together to Safeguard Children 2017) to determine whether there is cause for concern. Staff will be treated fairly throughout this process and action taken will be in line with statutory guidance and adopted disciplinary procedures where appropriate. Sometimes it may be necessary to suspend a member of staff where the allegations involve Child Protection and the alleged behaviour might be criminal, involve harm to a child or put a child at risk of harm. Then the DOFA (Designated Officer for Allegations) is notified immediately.

If there appears to be serious misconduct or risk to property or other people, a period of suspension with pay is considered while the case is being investigated. Suspension is an exceptional measure to enable a proper investigation to take place and to safeguard staff and pupils. All matters relating to an allegation will be confidential and every effort will be made to resolve the matter swiftly. (Springfields Academy Disciplinary Procedure for Teaching and Support Staff)

The Designated Safeguarding lead is the Deputy Head teacher, Michael Thomas and the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is Maxine Lawrence.

Copies of the Academy Polices can be found here.

Mike Thomas

Deputy Headteacher