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British Science Week 2018

Celebrating Science Week proved a great success for everyone involved at Springfields last week.

We held lunchtime “All About Colour” sessions for KS2 &3, and for many of the students this was their first time working in the lab which was a great introduction for them.

Activities included ScArt (Science and Art) painting pictures using household chemicals – red cabbage water, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. Then we made fantastically coloured fizzy potions simply by mixing 2 colourless solutions together, eat your heart out Harry Potter!

We also used the Bunsen burners and the pupils were able to identify metals from the colour of the flames.



Wednesday was Demo Day and there was great excitement when we made some elephants toothpaste which seemed to go on forever and we did the infamous coke and mentos fountain.


There was an egg challenge for a mixed group of years 8,9 and 10. Four teams were challenged to safely transport an egg from the bench to the floor. The students showed fantastic teamwork and came up with innovative solutions which they then built and tested – and most of the eggs survived!


Throughout the week there was a scavenger hunt which involved pupils finding answers to quiz questions from posters displayed around the school. Everyone learnt some interesting facts about a range of scientists and their work.

Congratulations to all the participants, it was a real pleasure to see the enthusiasm for science at Springfields and we are already planning for 2019 Science Week to be even better.



Autism Awareness Week 26th March – 2nd April

Today as part of Autism Awareness week, we offered our services bag packing at The  Tesco Store in Calne. 14 pupils took part packing bags for local customers and raising awareness of the Academy and Autism. We were in the store for just over an hour and raised £70.00.

A big thank you for Tesco store, Calne for having us and allowing us to promote our school.

Sharing the impact of Therapy!

Last week the therapy team had the pleasure of hosting the PGCE trainees from Bath Spa. The goal of the day was to introduce and educate the trainees to the impact that therapy can have in a SEND school.

Their first task was to share what they would like to learn from the day! We were pleased that we covered all the questions in our presentations and question and answer sessions!

Thank you to the trainees for listening and we hope that you learnt some valuable strategies to use in your future work places!

Well done Leo!

Leo has been working so hard on letter recognition, letter shaping and pencil control! Today he completed the whole alphabet!

Leo learns best kinaesthetically – this is why the magnetic letters have been so successful! Leo uses the stylus to move the ball around the shape of the letter!

Well done Leo! 🙂

World Book Day

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Two weeks ago at Springfields, we celebrated World Book Day. We were joined by characters from popular books by Roald Dahl, David Walliams and of course JK Rowling, but by far the most popular book this year was Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  The school was overrun with Mad Hatters, White Rabbits a Cheshire Cat and a couple of Queen of Hearts’, who thankfully remained calm throughout the day and didn’t order the beheadings of any pupils or staff.

Many staff and pupils remarked on the day and how much fun it had been.  The purpose of which is to encourage reading.

Extreme Reading

We have displayed photographs of staff members reading books in our main school building, with some of them being rather creative and extreme readers….




Mr Jay reading during Rodeo





Miss Young reading in the boot of her car!




The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. – Dr Seuss





Dumbledore is seeing double as he is joined by two Harry Potters.






Bert, the Chimney Sweep and Dorothy from Oz catching up at morning Break time.

Springfields Celebrates International Women’s Day!

As the Wiltshire lead centre for Women Leading in Education South West, it was only right that we celebrated International Women’s Day with a great event! Over 35 colleagues from 9 different schools joined us for an inspiring evening of learning, networking and fantastic raffle prizes!

Women into Leadership Champion, Nicola Brooks, opened the event with an activity referencing the recent ‘Drawing the Future’ report. Nicola stressed the importance of aspiration and role models, with the report identifying that girls from more deprived areas were likely to want to be shop workers and beauty therapists, while better-off boys aspired to be managers and lawyers. Nicola also referred to a recent BBC report into the Oscars, specifically how many Oscar Best Picture Winners had passed the Bechdel test. The answer? Not many! And certainly not enough! Nicola was hugely disappointed that two of her favourite films, ‘Dances with Wolves’ and ‘Gladiator’ did not pass the test! Nicola asked the audience to consider how many of the books, artwork and films that we show our young people do! ‘Of Mice and Men’ certainly does not pass the test!

Our keynote speaker for the night was Margaret Davies, Occupational Psychologist and Director of the Glass Lift. Margaret’s talk was entitled: ‘Women in the Workplace: Is It Really Different for Girls?’. In short, Margaret told us that the answer was yes! Margaret took us through an informative hour learning about gender bias, in particular thinking about patterns of bias. For example, gender stereotyping means that women often face the bias of being too feminine to be an effective leader. Whereas, if they adopt a more masculine style then they are less likely to be viewed as authentic and less likely to be liked. Margaret also highlighted unconscious bias in job adverts with many leadership adverts using masculine descriptors e.g. a strong, confident and assertive leader. Would we be surprised if we saw an advert ask for a kind, compassionate and nurturing leader? Which would you rather work for? Does it need to be an either/or? After such an intensive hour we were ready for a networking break and some cake!

After we were treated to two inspiring leadership journeys. Michelle Reysenn, Deputy Head at Notton House, took us through her presentation: 39 Years a Women, 17 Years a Leader. We were all left contemplating whether our leadership style was that of a donkey, sheep, owl or fox! Let alone that of other leaders we know!

Next we heard from Abbeyfield MFL Practitioner Deborah Wiltshire, who spoke about the route to Lead Practitioner accreditation and leading from within the classroom.

We also shared the success of Isabelle Hoole who had successfully secured a promotion following the last meeting:

“I attended the session last time on getting a promotion and I have secured a new job, with a promotion, which I wouldn’t have had the confidence for without the session, so thank you so much!”

Issy Hoole, New role: Head of Department (Sociology and Psychology).

Finally, it was time to draw the evening to a close with our raffle. Thanks must go to Rising Stars Education and Crown House Publishing for their sponsorship of the event.

We will be back in June for our next event, but before then we will be running coaching training as part of the DfE Coaching Pledge- more details to follow.

If you would like to find out more then please contact Nicola Brooks at the academy.

Autism World Awareness Week


Celebrate with us

World Autism awareness week.. 26th March –  1st April

Springfields will be bag packing at Tesco in Calne raising awareness.

Don’t forget you can support by purchasing our very own autism awareness mugs @ £4.99

We are holding a quiz & chilli 🌶 evening here on Tuesday 27th March to book a table follow eventbrite link below.

eventbrite booking

Cake Sale Monday 26th so bring in some pennies.


you too can get involved check out the autism website for ideas…



Risoul Day 5

It is the morning of the final day, I’m looking out of my window at the amount of snow that has fallen and reflecting on day 5. All staff agree, having been on many trips and worked ski seasons, we have never seen as much snow in one week as we have on this trip!!

We woke yesterday to a constant dump of snow that lasted all day, conditions were hard, visibility was poor and the winds and avalanche risk had closed many of the slopes. Staying low on the tree runs in Risoul gave us some respite from the flat light and the wind.

How did the students cope with this? They simply got on with it, kitted out accordingly and enjoyed the varied conditions the mountain threw at them. It was a perfect day to slow things down and be forced to focus on technique. Again, they have all shown outstanding resilience in this beautiful and extreme environment.

The final video will follow shortly ……

Mr Hurles