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Parent/Carer Forum Minutes and MyPlan Presentation

The Minutes of the Parent/Carer Forum Meeting (20160920 Parent Carer Forum Minutes) and the MyPlan Presentation (20160920 MyPlan Presentation V2) have been promulgated and can be found on the Parent/Carer Forum page (click on the link below).

Parent/Carer Forum

Queries (if any) pertaining to these minutes should be emailed to and P/CF Ambassador will respond accordingly.

Calne Music and Arts Festival 2016!

You may recall that we posted a few weeks ago about the Wordfest festival in Calne. Wordfest is now underway and you can see the work of our pupils in the fantastic Roald Dahl shop trail in town. We hope that you will manage to participate in one of the great activities on offer, and if you’re wondering what you’re going to do when Wordfest is over then we’ve got the answer right here!

Calne Music and Arts Festival runs from the 6th-16th October and has loads of brilliant events, with lots aimed at children and young people. There is free admissions to Crazy Classics for Children at Marden House; Local Primary Schools’ Choir at John Bentley School; and a Devizes School musical showcase at Marden House. To find out more visit:


Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag!

There was a real cosmopolitan feel to the academy last week as 16 trainee teachers of Modern Foreign Languages visited us. The 16 trainee teachers from Bath Spa University began their journey towards Qualified Teacher Status earlier this month. The academy is fully committed to ensuring that future generations of young people have a enthusiastic and well-trained teacher in front of them, and so our partnership with Bath Spa University is highly valued.

The trainees began their day with a tour of the academy before spending time in lessons, observing teaching and working with pupils. The trainees all valued their time with us- here is a sample of some of their comments:

“Lovely day, awesome pupils and superhero staff.”

“Friendly, helpful, enthusiastic staff. Polite, enthusiastic students.”

“It was a fantastic, eye-opening (if somewhat tiring) day- can we come back?!”

“I will apply the Springfields’ teacher attitude of professionalism and kindness”

We look forward to welcoming more trainees later on in the year.



The Puppet Man

Halloween may be a few weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped one Year Ten pupil from scaring their English teacher silly! Pupils were asked to use the image below from Karen Alsop of to write a short story. One that was written was very scary indeed!

The Puppet Man has created a new puppet. He says it can move by itself, but I never believe him. He always tries to scare me, but this time he looked very serious, so I told him to show me this puppet. It was a pretty cool puppet, but it didn’t move. I knew he was lying.

Well, I got the puppet anyway, I was going to buy it from him but he was eager to give it away. I heard a strange noise last night and before you know it my puppet had moved. I thought it was my brother plating pranks on me so I went back to sleep.

The next morning my puppet was gone. I was looking everywhere for it. When I went to the puppet man he said: “It came back here!” He doesn’t know how it got there. I was so creeped out that I left the puppetgeppettosworkshopheader there, but somehow he might come back to my house or back to me- anyway, that’s what the puppet man said. I never believe him, but this time he might be right…..

We are full, busy, improving and all set for the year ahead.

A great week for visitors at the Academy!

We’ve had our first week of St Marys sixth formers coming in to work with our younger pupils. This initiative gains strength and impetus every year.

Bath Spa University trainee teachers have also supported us this week on Wednesday and Thursday and we, in turn, have helped them begin their journey in learning about ASD and SEND in general.

We’ve also had a volunteer working in learning outside the classroom and introducing some of the pupils to parkour. If you’d be interested in volunteering at the Academy or know someone else who might, (for something a little less strenuous!) please contact the academy for a chat and a copy of our volunteering policy. There are many small, yet highly significant ways in which volunteers may be able to support the pupils in their learning.

Most importantly this week, all our new pupils for the year have now started. We are full, busy, improving and all set for the year ahead.

I’d like to thank those who attended parent/ carer forum on Tuesday and also thank the local authority officers who came to speak about the changes from statements to Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP) copies of their presentation are available on request from the parent / carer forum.

With all now safely gathered in, and the highest numbers of pupils ever in the academy, we are ready for the excitement and challenge of the year ahead.

In addition to the blog I have also sent a number of letters this week; these cover how we are looking at sanctions (when necessary) this year and also a request for feedback from any parents of day pupils who might be interested in accessing a breakfast club.

The first Parent’s Day of this academic year is on Thursday 6th October from 1.30 – 3.30pm

Lastly one of our balloons from our fantastic literacy launch was found in Bicester!

Enjoy your weekend!

Kind regards

Jon Hamp



Creative Technology


The last few weeks back have been fantastic over here in our newly decorated Creative Technology suite. Not only have we given the department a new name change, but we have been hard at work looking for creative qualifications to offer our students. We have been looking at qualifications that can be adapted to suit our learners needs and offer an array of areas within creative Technology. Some of the qualifications on offer at present are Digital employability which is module offering key skills in preparation for work. We still offer our Functional skills at  a Level 1 & 2, but we have also introduced an entrepreneurial qualification for those students that would like to learn more about business and enterprise. Coming soon will be media based qualifications for our gamers, movie editors and 3d modelling students.

This term we are talking about Gadgets with our year 8 students. They are designing the perfect gadget ensuring they have all the up to date tech to make them work affectively.

Our year 9 & 10 students are looking at Game addiction and how spending long periods of time on your gaming machines can affect your health, social and emotional well being.We have had some great debates on this and are currently looking at creating videos to back up the advantages and disadvantages.

Year 11 are straight into it and brushing upon key functional IT skills in preparation for their exam in November.

I am looking forward to an innovative year and cant wait to share all our brilliant ideas and work with you all…

Louiza bruce

Creative Technology & Enterprise Curriculum lead.

Primary Creative Technology Beech Group

This week in Beech class we had different activities available within the Creative Technology lesson. We have been looking at e-safety and we all created a storyboard showing our understanding of safety whilst on line. We also had some pc’s that needed a fix, so screwdrivers at the ready we took apart the components and looked at the inside of the computer.

If this wasn’t enough we then offered animation through “I can animate” whilst drawing our favourite characters……

Computer building

Computer building

A fantastic LOTC lesson with Elm on Cherhill.

A fantastic LOTC lesson with Elm on Cherhill. The objective, to carry a surfboard to the top and not let it touch the ground once……completed.

Learn how to walk on a compass bearing…….completed.

How to succeed through challenge and discomfort…….completed!!

Well done to all the class for their efforts.

Mr Hurles