Tutor Tree September 2017
September School Day 2017
Qualifications and Awards 2017-18 Booklet

Welcome to The Springfields Academy curriculum area.

The Springfields Academy continues to provide an environment in which the development and growth of the whole person is encouraged. Meeting the needs of today, and focusing on the future, we deliver the highest possible standards in curriculum and communication, all centred on our core focus of the individual child. Students are encouraged and supported to develop all their talents; academically, imaginatively, physically, emotionally and socially. Our aim is for students to grow into young people who contribute positively to the different communities they become part of and to become effective learners, beyond, as well as, in the classroom.

Our curriculum is based around 3 core areas: literacy, numeracy and life skills, as these form the foundation of an independent, fulfilling and successful life. In addition, students are given the opportunity to study a host of subjects, for example science, art, computer science, humanities, physical education, as well as vocational subjects that help future employment. As personalisation is at the heart of the academy, many individuals will also have the opportunity to follow bespoke programmes e.g. D of E, Canoeing, Climbing or Animal Care. We are fortunate to have a range of vocational based facilities to help prepare our young people for the world or work, covering vehicle mechanics, catering and hair and beauty. All teachers at The Springfields Academy are committed to providing exciting, engaging and stimulating lessons, which meet the needs of all our young people and enable them to succeed at school and in life. We are ambitious with our curriculum, as we have high aspirations for all of our pupils, but we appreciate that every child is different and has their own challenges to work through.
Please take a look at the curriculum booklet for the year ahead to understand more about the curriculum opportunities and qualifications that are on offer to our young people.

Michelle Reysenn, Assistant Head Teacher, Teaching and Learning, Curriculum and Pupil Progress