At the Springfields Academy we are committed to developing a centre for learning and caring.
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‘Extreme Classrooms’ is a phrase used in two ways at Springfields Academy. It is used to describe a broad range of learning that covers relevant geographical, historical or philosophical themes and topics.  However it also applies to a pedagogical approach that promotes innovation in all curriculum areas to enhance engagement with learning. Learning outside the classroom, whether collecting mini bugs on site, Forest Schools or trekking to Everest Base Camp, is an intrinsic element of good practice in Extreme Classrooms.  

Extreme Classrooms are designed to embed a sense of well being in young people by enabling them to find their strengths and understand their (learning) journey.  Consequently, much as certain knowledge will always be important, it is a young person’s ability to be resourceful enough to apply their knowledge effectively, reflect on the outcomes of their choices, be equananimous in their evaluations, and determined enough to cope with criticism that is of greater long- term value.

Therefore work in and through Extreme Classrooms values the development of qualities, strengths and competencies over the development of a discreet knowledge base. 
The vehicle to inspire a child, and build their determination may be innovative methods to conquer the x7 table or  walking Crib Goch, dependant on the child and their need(s), but it is the difficulty that has been overcome and the challenge that has been met that the learner must understand,  and use to build their well being in preparation for whatever their next challenge will be.